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1. Articles Efficiency of elite seed material received from mini-tubers of some sorts of potato / by Avetisyan, L. Publication: Yerevan, 2015 . p.: 9-12 Date: 2015 Availability: No items available:

2. Articles Effest of different concentration of salt and peg solution on seed germination of Dracocephalum Moldavica and early growth of seedlings / by Alaei, S. Publication: . p.: 5-10 Availability: No items available:

3. Articles Valuable properties and features of new samples of winter barley developed in plant gene pool laboratory /   Publication: Ереван, 2016 . p. : 12 - 15 Date: 2016 Availability: No items available:

4. Articles The effects of NPK fertilizers on the yield and essentials oil percentage of savory (Satureja hortensis L.) cultivated in Iran / by Farahi Ebrahim Publication: Ереван, 2014 . p. : 10-14 Date: 2014 Availability: No items available:

5. Articles Study of the effect of biological fertilizers on yield and percent of essencial oil in Hyssopus officinalis cultivated in Iran / by Naderi, Gh. Publication: Ереван, 2014 . p. : 21-24 Date: 2014 Availability: No items available:

6. Articles The influence of planting time and nutrition area on the effectiveness of some tomato hybrids cultivated in greenhouse conditions in spring-summer season / by Nazaryan, S. Publication: Ереван, 2016 . p. : 23 - 26 Date: 2016 Availability: No items available:

7. Articles The results of the experiments of some varieties of brussels sprout at different planting terms under the conditions of piedmont zone of Armenia / by Martirosyan, V. Publication: Ереван, 2015 . p. : 41-44 Date: 2015 Availability: No items available:

8. Articles Allelopathic effects of rapeseed (brassica napus L.) seed extracts at different concentrations on germination and seedling growth of spme crops / by Zaji, Bita Publication: Ереван , 2010 . p.: 33-37 Date: 2010 Availability: No items available:

9. Articles Vegetative growth and development of Dracocephalum moldavica under different soil moisture levels / by Alaei Shima Publication: Ереван, 2012 . p. : 5-9 Date: 2012 Availability: No items available:

10. Articles Impact of some heavy metals on physiological trains of Canola (Brassica Napus L.) in conditions of Kermanshan, IRI by Melikyan, A. Publication: Yerevan, 2014 . p. : 167-170 Date: 2014 Availability: No items available:

11. Articles Allelopatic effect of canola (Brassica Napus) cultivars on weed inhibition / by Zaji,B. Publication: Ереван , 2011 . p.: 32-35 Date: 2011 Availability: No items available:

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