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1. Articles The influence of the application of different fertilizers on the growth and development of potato varieties agria and red scarlet in Lori marz conditions / by Yeritsyan S. Publication: Ереван 2016 . p. : 9 - 13 Date: 2016 Availability: No items available:

2. Articles The impact of various fertilizers application on the yield of potato sorts Agria and Red Scarlett and on the tuber guality in conditions of Lori region / by Yeritsyan, S. Publication: Ереван , 2017 . p.: 21-26 Date: 2017 Availability: No items available:

3. Articles The impact of the processed dacitie tuff on the growth and yield capacity of winter wheat in steppe and dry steppeconditions in the RA / by Yeritsyan, S. Publication: Yerevan, 2017 . p.: 17-21 Date: 2017 Availability: No items available:

4. Articles The application impact of mineral fertilizers and "Complexon" on the potato growth and yield capacity in conditions of Lori marz / by Sahakyan, A. Publication: Ереван, 2018 . p.: 31-35 Date: 2018 Availability: No items available:

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