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1. Articles Some experimental results of Shushi 20 variety of emmer wheat (Tr. Dicoccum Schrank) in sub-mountain arid conditions of RA Kotaykregion / by Nazaryan, R. Publication: Ереван 2015 . p. : 28-32 Date: 2015 Availability: No items available:

2. Articles Alleviation of drought stress impact on winter wheat production with nitrogen fertilization in Karaj (Islamic Republic of Iran /) by Nazaryan, R. Publication: Yerevan, 2014 . p. : 131-134 Date: 2014 Availability: No items available:

3. Articles Evaluation of the effects of the use of nitrogen and biological fertilizers on qualitative and quantitative trains of sugar beet /   Publication: Yerevan, 2012 . p. : 24-29 Date: 2012 Availability: No items available:

4. Articles The efficiency of herbicides against dicotyledon weeds in cerial sowings in Shirak valley / by Harutyunyan, A. Publication: Yerevan, 2018 . p. : 8-12 Date: 2018 Availability: No items available:

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